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Alex DeJean, MA

Education Unlimited - Alex DeJean, MA (Instructor)

Alex DeJean, MA — Instructor

Alex DeJean is a college instructor in the Los Angeles Area, teaching courses related to communication such as public speaking, argumentation, and interpersonal communication. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Communication from California State University Los Angeles, where he also earned his Bachelor’s of Art degree my Communication, specializing in Rhetoric.  Having taught in the Los Angeles area, he has worked with one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. Alex was involved in a campus-wide curriculum development project at Cal State Los Angeles, and was recognized by the College Assessment Coordinators for demonstrating best practices in communication assessment skills. He feels the most interesting thing about his work is being privileged to see how people grow and develop their own "voice."


Alex loves working with students because he thinks education should just as fun as a party, where everyone has a great time learning together. He feels education has no value if it isn't applied or appreciated. To that end, his teaching philosophy is to make learning as fun and engaging as possible. He feels the same communication strategies that great speakers in history use can also be used in silly and interesting ways.


Alex is fascinated by pop culture, loves comedy, and enjoys a good argument over just about anything.